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We Hustle

Galleon has what it takes to showcase, negotiate and sell your property for the highest dollar at the quickest pace. 

Galleon is full-time. Working non-stop until your home is sold. 

No hassle. No obligation. No awkward moments. 
Just good old fashioned customer service. 

Request Listing Price 

Curious what your property is worth?     ...or what your neighbor's ugly house sold for?

Click the link above and Galleon goes straight to work, hand-crafting your personalized List Price Analysis.

The list price analysis is a no obligation, free service to anyone. Yes, even you! 

...and just when you thought we've outdone ourselves, We promise not to call or bother you unless we absolutely have to. 

save money

We stay classy by reducing our commission when we represent both seller & buyer in the same transaction. In other words, you save time & money! 

  • Typical commission = 6%


  • Galleon lists your home & another agent brings the buyer-
3% to Galleon and 3% to the procuring agency. 
  • Galleon lists your home & brings the buyer-
5% to Galleon and 1% savings to the seller. 



Click the link to read-up about Galleon Real Estate and who's running the show. 


Danny & Yvette have the education and experience to successfully sell your home for the highest dollar at the quickest pace. 


Make the best decision for your family and give Galleon a try.