The Captain




The First Mate

Join our


is this?

Dear Captain,

Please consider my joining your crew. My nickname on the seven seas is



I can


just as well as I can



I’ll sail with you anywhere, Cap’n,

from the shores of


to the isles of



However, I can’t set foot in



not since I


I hope you understand. But I’ll be as


a salty deckhand can be.

Sincerest of Hopes,

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Galleon Real Estate strives to honor the vital, historic profession of buying and selling property with the creativity and tact it deserves. By embracing technology and simple, old-fashioned customer service, Galleon is hoping to pave the way to a radically different brand of real estate that actually focuses on the buyer experience instead of profits and turnaround.

If you are a goal driven, creative and customer oriented entrepreneur with a passion for elevating your career to the highest standards; joining forces with Galleon is the right choice. Supported by a team of like minded associates, we are able to showcase your talents and exceed expectations.

— your —


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