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Unlike the other guys we never charge above cost for visits, maintenance, repairs & upkeep.

No fee for a special visit. No mileage charge and definitely no funny business when using our preferred vendors. In fact, receipts are always provided and our network of trustworthy vendors give us their best prices. Still skeptical? We get 3 bids per job, so you can rest easy knowing that your home is taken care of without overpaying.  

Property Management process

The utmost care is taken for your property. Weekly security visits ensure your home is maintained in your absence. During this time, we check for issues such as leaks, change the air filters, maintain the thermostat temperatures, inspect the landscaping and outdoor amenities and arrange meetings with specialists such as pest control and pool technicians. We provide visual reports with walk-through video and pictures.

Tenant Placement

If renting your home to annual or vacation tenants there is no better property management company than Galleon Management. Because Galleon Management is a full service brokerage, your home is advertised to a global audience. Each listing is perfectly staged and prepared to show your home’s best assets. Professional photographs and virtual tours are displayed on the Multiple Listing Service and syndicated worldwide. In addition to the MLS, your home can also be displayed on all the major vacation rental websites such as HomeAway and VRBO.

Each tenant application is carefully reviewed by Galleon. Background and credit checks are provided and the final approval made by the homeowner. Each tenant is personally greeted by Galleon Management and guided through a simple and hassle free application and lease process. Galleon is a firm believer in: happy tenants=happy landlords. In fact, it is vital to the success of the tenant/landlord/management relationship. Tenants that feel comfortable and at-home treat your property with respect. Our goal is to maintain this relationship while enforcing the lease and maintaining your property. Galleon’s track record is superb without a single eviction in our six year history. We find the highest quality tenants and provide them with the highest quality home service. Galleon’s tenants know that we are just a phone call away and never fail to find the best possible solution to their needs. In return, rent is always on-time and hassle free. During the initial lease process, Galleon tenants are provided a ‘walk-through statement’  in addition to our Florida Board of Realtors approved lease paperwork. The walk-through statement is an addendum to the lease and provides the owner with additional security, stating the current condition of the property in great detail. Once the tenant vacates, the walk-through is compared to the current condition of the property with any damages being claimed against the security deposit. Galleon property management protects your property and income. Please contact us to discuss any of these details. Give us the opportunity to show you why Galleon management is the best property management company for your home.


Galleon Property Management has the experience to successfully manage your home to the highest standards. Originally established in Celebration, Florida Galleon managed vacation properties in the countries most competitive market; The Walt Disney World area. Galleon has also successfully managed investment properties with annual tenants. Managing the entire process; purchase, renovation, tenant placement, management and sale. The success of Galleon’s property management style is based on several key factors. Taking pride in the quality of service while maintaining strict simplicity. Several differences from other property management companies help set Galleon apart.  While other property managers require long term contracts with diminishing value, Galleon’s contract can be canceled at anytime. Thereby maintaining quality service standards throughout the entire relationship.

Simplicity is crucial to the property management business. Galleon handles each step of the process utilizing technology as an advantage.  Income and expense statements delivered straight to your email. Rental income directly deposited to your account allows instant access to funds. Maintenance and repair issues are handled by Galleons network of quality handymen and contractors. Ensuring the best quality work at the lowest possible costs with three bids per job. These issues are handled immediately and at no additional cost with receipts included.

Galleon’s broker, Danny Barto has a Master’s of Science in Construction Management and experience managing renovations on distressed properties. Managing the entire project from start to finish. Galleon is equipped to manage your Naples or Marco Island property no matter the circumstances. Looking forward to giving your property the attention & care that each unique home demands.

Serving: Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs and  Estero, Florida.